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Personalized Service - VIP Treatment & Access - Unlimited Use

Acar services management specializes in vip travel with a strong international focus. Our lifestyle experts guarantee discretion & excel at a very personal & unique approach. We do not just provide any service, we offer bespoke services, 100% in accordance with your budget. You will receive a one-to-one personal contact, known as a lifestyle manager, who will familiarize themselves with their member’s tastes and aspirations. Increasingly rare in our digital world, this personal touch ensures every request is understood.

We will tailor the perfect service to make you happy & unique


Premium care

Private Concierge Service

Your clients and your talented staff will enjoy a premium concierge service that is one of a kind.

Tailored offer

1-The Premium Black Card provides round-the-clock service availability, a personalized concierge, and access to exclusive invitations.
2-On the other hand, the Infinite Premium Card offers service availability from 9 am to 11 pm, six days a week.

Extended Service

No matter which package is selected, the Premium Card allows both the member and a designated individual of their choosing to contact us.

Unlimited Requests

Unrestricted access to Premium Conciergerie is available to every member, regardless of the chosen package, allowing them to contact us as many times as they desire.


Peace of mind

Rest assured that we will take care of everything when it comes to welcoming your VIPs, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Premium Service

Our premium concierge service caters to premium VIPs, even in the context of an ad-hoc event where we utilize the exact same resources as we do for our annual members.

24 hours a day

Our VIPs can contact us at any time without interruption, as our services are available around the clock.

Advanced expenses

Our VIPs are not charged for services on a case-by-case basis, but are instead invoiced after the event.